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3 Keys to a Successful Digital Signage Project

Simple and effective Digital Signage – VIF Télé

Customized and economical solutions, relevant and automated content, simple and effective digital signage. Easy to use software, menu screens, interactive terminals. Competent team.

Outstanding Customer Service

Effectiveness, transparency and an ethical approach — that’s how we develop and maintain partnerships with our clients.

Firmly established since 2005 in Quebec and more recently in Canada, VIF Télé counts on a dedicated team of professionals to guide its customers in setting up leading-edge digital environments.

Our dedicated experts ensure customer service that exceeds expectations at all times.

Our approach is designed to be dynamic and guided by a mastery of industry best practices and a rigorous work ethic.

Our integrity combined with our business savvy enable us to build strong and trusting relationships with our customers.

Customized Support

We offer our clients customized support and expertise at all stages of a digital signage project.

From initial contact to strategy, ideation, and installation, our experienced team will understand your needs and develop turnkey solutions. Our expertise includes design, installation, implementation, content production and management, and technical maintenance of the network.

In accordance with your needs, we also offer the integration of relevant and complementary interactive technologies to your digital signage network, whether it’s adding radio to your business or mobile solutions.

Taking into account your business model, we customize our solutions according to your needs so as to optimize your communications with your employees or customers.

The Advantages of VIF Télé

  • Customized and cost-effective solutions
  • Relevant, automated content

  • Simple and effective Digital Signage
  • Menu Screens

  • Easy-to-use software
  • Competent team

Some of our Customers

Our maintenance and technical support service is renowned!

See how the vigilance of our team allows us to resolve 95% of all technical incidents within the timelines required by our clients!

VIF – Installation

We have a team of experienced Digital Signage installers. In collaboration with CES, see here the work of some of our trusted technicians.

Customer Testimonials