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Our Philosophy

Why VIF Tele?

Our name is French for what’s smart, brief, vivid, intense, like our digital content!

VIF Télé is a pioneer in digital media for retailers and businesses. Our flexible, turnkey solutions enable you to reach your consumers at a strategic time.

Our comprehensive vision of retail digital media and its development allows us to be involved at every stage of your project. Our renowned skills, outstanding customer service, and dedicated team — all these qualities make VIF Télé the best operator partner and advisor.

We offer a wide range of digital media that includes our:

  • INTENSO content management software, known for its effectiveness and simplicity in managing Digital Signage
  • Mobile marketing interface via Text/SMS messages
  • Distribution system for ambient music
  • DETEKTE.ca, our point-of-sale facial recognition product.

We support all our clients with digital media tailored to their individual needs.

Our History

The evolution of VIF Communication parallels that of the new non-traditional media.

With more than 30 years of experience in media as a journalist, host and producer in radio and television, Benoit Johnson, our president, has been interested in Digital Signage since its emergence in 2005.

From the beginning, the president and founder of VIF Communication regularly attended international conferences on digital signage and identified the best practices for these networks to reach captive audiences with tailor-made content.

Brief, animated, lively content — vivid content — hence VIF, the French name of the company!

Given our origins and our know-how in mainstream media, we take a “media” approach to digital signage: It’s not only the technology but how we use it that makes it interesting for the client!

After the first consulting and content production mandates, VIF created its own Digital Signage advertising networks to respond to gaps in the market, first at ATMs under the name VIF Télé, and then in medical clinics with Medik-Télé. Since then, our expertise has also been recognized in the retail, corporate and restaurant sectors.

VIF Communication takes care of the management and/or integration of established digital signage networks belonging to major brands such as Sobeys-IGA, Rona and Laurentian Bank. We manage remotely more than 2,600 screens in Quebec and across Canada.

Our Team

Benoît Johnson, President and Founder
Benoît Johnson
Benoît Johnson

Benoît Johnson has been working in media in Quebec since 1977

In addition to his experience in retail digital media, he is best known for his talent in radio and television, where he held various roles as a journalist-reporter and a host of mainstream public affairs programs, on the TV show Salut-Bonjour Week-end and at the radio station Rythme FM Montreal. He also co-founded and managed the television production company Groupe Altau.

In 2004, he became interested in closed-circuit television in stores, and created his Digital Signage company, VIF Télé. Among his first mandates, he was an advisor for Métrovision, the network of screens in the Montreal metro, and for the Université de Montréal.

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Sylvain Coache, Technical Director and Project Manager
Sylvain Coache
Sylvain Coache

Sylvain Coache

Sylvain Coache has been working in Digital Signage since 2001. He co-founded the company Enixa.TV by installing monitors at the check-out lines of more than 200 grocery stores in Quebec and selling display time on these screens to his clients. The company was acquired by Transcontinental Media and subsequently by an Ontario-based company that manages, among other things, the Tim Hortons and McDonald’s menu display networks.

In 2009, he created a company offering service and technical support as well as project management to major digital signage network operators throughout Quebec. He operated this company until 2014, when he joined the VIF Télé team as Technical Director.

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Vincent Chouinard-Laliberté, Director of Operations Contact Vincent
Vincent Chouinard
Vincent Chouinard

Vincent Chouinard-Laliberté

Curious by nature, Vincent has a diverse and atypical career path. Dedicated to constantly exceeding his goals, he began his career in video and the management of social media and events.

While conducting multidisciplinary studies linking the fields of psychology, sociology, communications and marketing, he moved towards management consulting.

Always in pursuit of making an optimal impact so that organizations sharing his values can grow, Vincent has been involved in VIF’s challenges since 2015. He now manages operations by leveraging his diverse expertise and intense work experiences.

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