Digital Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

A Canadian made product,
designed and engineered here.

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A product

that responds to new public hygiene practices available upon entering a building.

A software

that allows for the renewal of your digital content in real time, automatically.

A reservoir

that is compatible with a wide variety of hand sanitizing products.

All-in-one solution

offering hand sanitizer and a digital signage display for important communications.

Secured aluminium casing

Lock secured, ventilated and entirely made of robust aluminium.

Contactless hand sanitizer distributor

When a hand is detected, hand sanitizer will be distributed automatically and remotely adjustable.

24’’ HD Screen

To enhance and highlight your important communications.

Reusable reservoir

To accommodate larger volumes of gel, liquid or foam disinfectant.


Adaptable to different types of hand sanitizer.

Two access points

Electrical components are locked, and the disinfectant reservoir is accessible independently.

Simple Installation

Can be fixed to a wall, or on a freestanding pedestal.

Wi-Fi connection

Connect to your Wi-Fi to regularly renew your visual content.

Standard Power Supply

Connect to a standard 15 A electrical outlet.

Digital Signage Software

Manage your content remotely with our Content Management Software, Intenso.

Technical support

To problem solve on site or remotely.

Additional functions Optional

  • 21’’ Screen
  • High performance PC
  • Intenso software integration
  • Data display
    • API
    • RSS
  • Sensor software integration
    • Bar code scanner,
    • Temperature sensor,
    • Camera,
    • People counter.
  • Automated content
    • Templates

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