Digital content management

A secured web access software that is simple to use.

INTENSO, our content management software is a simple and secured tool that allows your team to quickly display various types of content on your screens.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Intenso offers a variety of scheduling and remote programming functions. Your content can be scheduled ahead of time based on your specific scheduling needs such as the time of day, day of the week, month, etc.  

The automatic content updates from RSS or XML sources can also be built into templates, allowing you to constantly refresh the information that is important to you.

You don’t have to download any software, you can manage your content via web access, from any computer connected to the internet, wherever you are!

Intenso developed and owned by VIF Télé is designed to be adapted to your specific needs by our software development teams.

Example: integrate an existing database to animate your own visual content.

Other software features

Intenso allows you to perform various operations to optimize the use of your screens.

For example: It is possible to create an administrative hierarchy, allowing you to manage accounts on a local or national level, to program content according to the sequence of content, the specific needs of screens, or for a given period.  

The platform also allows you to view scheduled content before it’s launched, perform network and screen checks, generate reports, and modify or remove specifically scheduled content.

Very easy to use, you will master our web interface after only 45 minutes of training!

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