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Interactive kiosk “Live Harvesting”: VIF Tele wins a Global Digital Signage Award 2019, an international prize.

Last summer, for the “Live Harvesting” project at IGA Duchemin in Ville Saint-Laurent, an interactive kiosk allowed the supermarket’s customers to see and order their own organic vegetables. These were harvested live from the garden on the rooftop of the store.

Through this interactive kiosk, after ordering, customers could see a gardener in real-time harvest their fresh vegetables. These were then delivered to the customers’ shopping cart before they even showed up at the check-out counter.

For his part, the gardener had a “wifi” tablet allowing him to update daily the inventory of fresh vegetables ready to be harvested. This information was then being transmitted directly to the interactive kiosk so customers could decide which vegetables they wanted to order.

In this case, digital technology enables the consumer to connect … with nature!

The innovative aspect of bringing together different sources of content in one interactive kiosk to improve customers’ experience was regognized by the jury composed of 28 digital signage professionals from 9 countries.

For this project, VIF Tele acted as the operator-integrator collaborating with IGA Duchemin’s family, Sobeys’ marketing team, Cartier Communications’ agency and Deux-huit huit firm.

VIF Tele is a Digital Signage Opeator-integrator offering efficient, easy-to-operate and affordable turnkey systems. Founded in 2005, VIF Tele now has clients in Canada, in the United-States and in Europe.

VIF Tele now has clients in France and in the United States!

Our content management system Intenso is now implemented on screens in restaurants in France and in the United States.

Our first clients outside of Canada!

Since their implementation, Copper Branch restaurants use VIF Tele’s system for their digital menus boards.

This vegan restaurant chain founded in Montréal is in constant expansion and now extends beyond Canada’s borders.

During the past few days, restaurants opened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and in Brest, France.

Other openings are planned in those countries and in Canada in the upcoming months.

In France, as required by our customer, each franchisee can easily modify the content and prices displayed on its screens via a secure web access.

An other few hundred of VIF Tele customers in Canada already benefit from this feature. Thanks to our content management system, they can edit daily their menu displayed on their screens.

The content management system Intenso was developped according to the standards and practices taught at ÉTS (École de Technologie Supérieure de Montréal). It is known for its simplicity of use and its inexpensiveness.

The Live Harvesting/Frais du toit project of IGA Duchemin is a finalist in an international competition: The Global Digital Signage Awards.

The innovative project Live Harvesting/Frais du toit at IGA Duchemin of St-Laurent is a finalist at the Global Digital Signage Awards in Europe.

The idea of setting up a vegetable garden on the rooftop of a supermarket was unique in North America.

With the integration of different technologies, customers get to see the rooftop garden while they are shopping in the store. This allows them to choose their own vegetables from the garden by using a touch screen at the interactive kiosk which is an innovation of international caliber!

As an operator-integrator @VIF Télé collaborated with @IGA in particular @IGA vive la bouffe, @sobeys, @cart1er and @deuxhuithuit to integrate various softwares, equipments and contents from different sources on a single interactive kiosk.

A live camera on the rooftop, an educational video and a touch screen to order on an ‘online’ website are elements set up to improve customers’ experience. It allows them to choose their organic vegetables grown on the rooftop of the supermarket. This way, they get them fresh in their cart before they even get to the cashier!

The winners of the Digital Signage Awards will be announced in February during a ceremony held in Amsterdam.

Digital interactive rooftop garden project – IGA Famille Duchemin

The grocery store IGA Famille Duchemin, in the Saint-Laurent borough, has a rooftop garden where it grows its own organic fruits and vegetables.

Customers can see the urban oasis from a live camera and select on an interactive kiosk the produce they want, delivered in their shopping cart before the checkout!

VIF Tele was operator/integrator for this digital interactive project, in collaboration with Sobeys, Cart1er Communication and Agence 288.

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