Digital Signage

Simple and effective Digital Signage.

We offer a tailored service that takes into account your specific needs and budget.

Dynamic Display allows you to diversify in-store visuals quickly, in just a few clicks.


Digital Menu Screens

The Digital Menu screens not only make it possible to energize the visual presentation of your products and prices, but also to easily revise your menus with the changes you want, at the frequency you want!


Video Wall

Our team orchestrated the installation and operation of video walls for clients with very different needs. Working with architects and designers, we can integrate the video walls into an impressive commercial layout.


Internal Digital Signage

Digital Signage in the workplace allows you to communicate with employees in a modern, dynamic and effective manner.

With easy-to-use content management software, you will have the flexibility to change and renew your messages remotely, based on your own criteria, including work-shift, geography, corporate priorities, or even the specific area where the screen is located!


Intenso – Content Management Software

Easy to use. Our software makes it possible to easily manage the programming of your content on each of your screens, according to your own criteria of time, geographical region or relevance.

With your secure web access, you can manage your network of screens from anywhere without having to download software on your PC or smartphone.


SMS Looky Texting

SMS LOOKY is a technological platform that enables the development of SMS marketing strategies and instant communications for your customers. Our SMS mobile marketing platform enables you to establish privileged access to your customers while also offering the possibility of personalized promotional mailings.