Boost communication with employees in times of uncertainty

Boost communication with employees in times of uncertainty

Over the course of the last few years, many companies recognized the necessity to utilize Digital Signage in order to continuously communicate with their employees instantly, and more efficiently.

Currently, while many large companies and organizations are questioning their travel plans, itineraries and large mass gatherings such as conferences and trade shows, the implementation or the addition of digital signage displays might be a primary communication tool.
It allows to communicate faster and more efficiently to various work teams that are spread over several work site locations, in different cities or even different countries!

A network managed with an effective content management software, will allow for frequent content updates, that can also be done automatically from existing company databases, making information even more relevant for a work environment. Additionally, our software Intenso( ), is accessible through a secure web access, which allows for even better ease of use.

Implementing your own internal display network, not only allows for the communication of uniform messages to all employees across all company sites but also a wider range of content.
Practical information, motivating recognition-based content or displaying company values can all be valuable. Uniform communications that are fast and animated can be sourced from different departments such as Human Resources, Communications or Health and Safety.

Thanks to software breakthroughs, these messages can also be sent across office computers, which increases the employee’s exposure to important messages as they make their way across work sites.

VIF Télé is a 2019 & 2020 International award-winning company offering an excellent expertise in digital signage, notably to deploy on a new platform, your company’s internal communications.

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