Here’s why 5 other SMBs have their own Digital Signage network for their corporate communications!

Here’s why 5 other SMBs have their own Digital Signage network for their corporate communications!

In the last quarter, five Quebec companies decided to switch to the digital signage age in their respective business locations to communicate with their employees and visitors. They trusted VIF Tele for the implementation of their project. Each of these 5 SMBs had different needs, which required a tailor-made solution at modest costs.


Précigrafik, offers a one-stop shop for printed business solutions. Currently in full expansion with offices in Sherbrooke, Granby and Quebec, this SMB wanted to communicate a common message for employees in all the company’s facilities: Practical information, motivational content, recognition, as well as the values ​​of the company. Their expertise in graphics allows them to create their own content, whose programming is managed by our Intenso software.


Novo SST

Novo SST, based in Quebec City, with an office in Montreal, specializes in occupational health and safety management. This Groupe Conseil also wishes for a uniform, rapid and lively communication with its employees in both offices. The company is taking advantage of the renovation of its offices to include Internal Digital Signage in its communication strategy with its customers and employees.


Roxboro is a road construction, infrastructure and paving/asphalt company that is also embarking on the Digital Signage era within its walls. Roxboro used VIF Télé and our Intenso software to manage the presentation of messages to their employees inside their offices.

Le Prohon

LeProhon, a heating, air conditioning and geothermal company based in the Eastern Townships, added a Digital Signage Display to its renovated showroom in Sherbrooke. The addition of this screen, managed by VIF Tele Intenso software, enables customers to see promotional content and information on products in a dynamic and contemporary way.

PBSC Solutions Urbaines

PBSC Solutions Urbaines, based in Longueuil, is an international bike distribution company, changing the world, one city at a time! It has just added a large format screen to the reception of its headquarters in order to present to visitors various aspects of the company, including data updated automatically from its website.

The use of Digital Signage for corporate communications, with customers or employees, is becoming more broader. The ease of use of our software to manage content delivery, which takes less than one hour of training, and the great flexibility offered by Dynamic Display are some of the elements that prompt companies to leave the old bulletin board Cork … Our team can effectively help you make this changes with agility in your business.