How IGA avoided manually entering more than 16,000 names on its store screens!

How IGA avoided manually entering more than 16,000 names on its store screens

The current contest of the supermarket IGA makes a lot of noise in Quebec.

For the duration of the contest (almost 2 months), IGA wanted to use its network of Digital Signage screens in store to promote it, but also to display the names of local finalists-winners every day!

In principle, nearly 300 IGA stores declare the equivalent of a finalist-winner per day for 56 consecutive days, or about 16,800 names display, one by one!

So, how do you show the name of each of these finalists each day, specifically in the store where he won, without entering the names manually … and without error?

Automation of content from databases.

The great flexibility and the evolution of the Digital Display in the last years, allow to make automatic changes of very local contents, on an extensive network.

VIF Tele and IGA have collaborated on the development of a visual template, combined with an API and the Intenso Content Management software of VIF Télé, to display the name of a supermarket customer, a local finalist-winner, as soon as the merchant enters this name in the Sobeys Québec database (owner of the IGA chain).

In this case, the Digital Signage network allows IGA to demonstrate to consumers the tangibility of the contest by instantly identifying on the screens the winners of their neighborhood or locality.

VIF Télé is proud to have participated in the development of this customized solution for Sobeys, its customer since 2008!