Sobeys renews its confidence in VIF Télé for its in-store Digital Signage network

Sobeys renews its confidence in VIF Télé for its in-store Digital Signage network

Sobeys quest to continue innovating and enhancing their customers’ in-store experience results in the renewal of their partnership with VIF Télé through a multi-year agreement for the supply, operation and maintenance of their Digital Signage network in supermarkets across Canada.

This partnership began 10 years ago when the IGA banner in Quebec was the first to use Digital Signage displays in their stores.

Today, Sobeys, Safeway, Foodland, FreshCo and Thrifty Foods stores have also adopted Digital Signage to help build stronger connections to their customers and enhance their in-store experience.

The collaboration between VIF Télé and Sobeys is reflected in digital innovations which have allowed stores to present specific local content, but to do so within the national marketing strategy.

This partnership led to international Digital Signage recognition in February 2019, a Global Digital Signage Award, for the interactive kiosk implemented as part of the Green Harvesting project, at the IGA in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec.

VIF Télé’s expertise and ability to provide solutions that are tailored to our specific needs have allowed us to improve our communications with our clients and their experience during their store visits” stated Carl Pichette, Sobeys Vice President Marketing and E-Commerce, Quebec.

“We are very pleased to continue our collaboration with Sobeys, one of Canada’s largest retailers. Our daily involvement with their team has allowed us to help them realize their in-store marketing strategy” stated Benoit Johnson, President of VIF Télé.

VIF Télé has also been the supplier for the internal IGA-Radio for the last 7 years. The musical programming is selected by each merchant and includes the diffusion of audio messages, some of which can be programmed locally.